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Our FDs typically work on site at your premises to a plan which has previously been agreed with you, the business owner. At Proactive FD we don’t believe in giving our clients unpleasant surprises, so all fees will be agreed with you in advance before the work commences. Our fees are in accordance with an agreed daily rate, and typically we work with our clients on a one day per week or two days per month basis depending on business need. At all other times we are available by telephone to address any immediate business issues or to offer objective advice.

Driving forward you business is our business

Driving Profit

Driving Profit
We'll identify cost saving ways and value-added opportunities to maximise your business's profit potential. Profit improvement should be seen as an ongoing project, and having a profit improvement strategy in place helps business owners plan for future growth.

At Proactive FD, our experienced Finance Directors will work in partnership to develop and implement a profit improvement strategy in order to maximise the return you get from your business. This is essential when seeking to drive profit and generate larger returns on your investment in the future.

We'll guide you through the process, considering potential challenges and opportunities, and provide you with a plan that will inspire the confidence of potential investors or lenders, whilst ensuring your business is maximising its profit potential.

The extra profit can provide the freedom to grow and develop your business, and even the slightest improvement in profitability can make the difference between success or failure.

Growing your Business

Growing your Business
You're up and running. Driving profitable growth is a key part of your business's success, and tackling various challenges along the way will determine how your business evolves.

You might have reached the point where you need to expand your operations to continue developing your business.

Managing rapid growth brings its own challenges from systems, infrastructure and capacity issues to supplier shortages and unpaid debts. You need the right structure in place to ensure your business is as efficient as it can be, and our Finance Directors can support you to achieve your optimal structure.

Proactive FD will support you and your business along your growth path, ensuring the right funding and structure is in place for expansion, whilst also reducing any risks on the road to your business's success, and steering you to your ultimate goals, even a profitable exit.

Managing and Creating Cash

Managing and Creating Cash
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. We offer a no-nonsense approach to improve cash management, financial planning and analysis, and to manage cash flow to ensure you have the cash required to realise your growth plans.

At Proactive FD, we believe that quality financial information and understanding the cash flow of your business is a key requirement to its success. By regularly monitoring cash going in and out of your business, we can develop forecasts to aid decision making and effectively respond to challenges and opportunities in order to drive improved performance and assist with future planning.

Our Finance Directors will implement robust reporting systems including budgets, management accounts and forecasts, cash flows, operational metrics and key performance indicators.

Many companies also require funding to enable growth. We will establish your underlying cash requirements, followed by implementing the right processes to secure the correct amount and appropriate source of additional funding. Our experienced Finance Directors will support creditor negotiations and work with you to identify and obtain this.

Business & Exit Planning

Keeping a close eye on your business's future is crucial for its success, and exit planning is also an integral part of your business's plan, it's never too early to start identifying its full value upon exit. Our experienced FDs will support you with your business' exit planning strategy and advise on the most suitable route forward.

Looking forward often involves understanding the strategic view as well as well as the impact on financial results. By implementing a plan, you can measure your performance against the plan and identify decisions and address potential issues.

We will help you to develop and implement a robust business plan, improve cash, reduce risk and ultimately ensure your objectives are achieved.

Every journey has a destination, and at some stage of the business lifecycle, you may decide to consider an exit strategy. Our experienced Finance Directors will support you and review the main options available.


We will proactively identify opportunities for outsourcing where there's a clear benefit either through improved service or improved costs across areas including insurance, HR, Health and Safety and Quality Systems.

For many businesses, outsourcing their business functions allows them to focus on building their brand and investing in growth and development whilst also minimizing the level of risk within the organisation.

There's no need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resource for your business, our highly qualified and experienced team of Finance Directors will take care of your resourcing needs.

Our part-time Finance Directors have years of experience in providing outsourced business functions, allowing you to manage your business with the confidence of using trained professionals.

Proactive Business Review

Proactive Business Review
Keep your business finances healthy!
Our Proactive Review will identify gaps and opportunities to improve your business finances and profitability.

Once your business is established and running well, it's easy to focus only on the day-to-day running of your business, and you may be inclined to let things continue to run as they are. It can pay dividends to think about longer-term and more strategic planning.

Measuring your business performance, setting targets, and identifying gaps and opportunities, are important processes to help your business grow.

As a matter of course, our Finance Directors will proactively respond to critical business issues and opportunities that may arise, so you can have peace of mind that your business's finances are in the right hands.

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